A Roadmap for Building a Trade Single Window

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) released its 21st edition of the Transport and Trade Facilitation Roadmap for Building a Trade Single Window.

The publication outlines the concept of developing an electronic Single Window for trade and explains step-by-step the processes for implementing a Single Window based on ASYCUDA platform.

The publication highlights the achievements of Vanuatu since the launch of the Single Window in 2020.

The Vanuatu electronic Single Window (VeSW) project automates and integrates the processes of Participatory Government Agencies within an ASYCUDA-based Single Window environment.

A particular success of the VeSW was the development and implementation of a bespoke ASYCUDA Sanitary and Phytosanitary Module (ASYSPS) to automate the processes of applying, approving and paying for SPS certificates.

A risk management mechanism between customs and the government department for biosecurity was also integrated, using ASYCUDAWorld selectivity. The ASYSPS module went live in Port Vila in March 2020 and in Santo in May 2020.

The following results were achieved:

Vanuatu Single Window System Highlights
  • Average application processing time reduced from days to as little as 10 minutes;
  • 65% reduction in paper for customs clearance;
  • Reduced from 7 to 1 document(s) for SPS processing, equating to a 99% reduction in paper usage when combined with risk management;
  • Elimination of the need for physical trips to customs and Biosecurity offices; and
  • Customs and Biosecurity improved cooperation in joint interventions related to the Single Window environment.

Currently, five PGAs are connected to the VeSW. These include Biosecurity, Energy Ministry, Environment Ministry, Industry Ministry and Immigration and Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator. A pharmaceutical module to facilitate the import of medicines and drugs, as administered by the Department of Health, is under development in Phase III of the project.

More details can be found in the publication below.

´╗┐Transport and Trade Facilitation Series No. 21